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Meda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (US) is pleased to provide an online benefit tool for Meda Pension Equity Plan* participants. This online benefit estimator allows you to model estimates of your pension benefit.

Important Notes:
The Plan was frozen to new participants effective December 31, 2002. Therefore, only those colleagues that are participants in the plan will have access to the information on this website. Consequently, that means if you were first hired after December 31, 2001, you were not eligible to participate in the Plan because you must have completed one year of service prior to the Plan being frozen to become a participant.

Important Information about Your Pension Benefit from the
Meda Pension Equity Plan

Meda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Meda) realizes that retirement security is an important goal for each employee and that the Meda Pension Equity Plan* ("Plan") can provide a significant supplement to your retirement savings. As the Plan Sponsor, Meda continues to seek the best resources to administer the Plan in the most effective manner for both Meda and the participants. Therefore beginning September 1, 2015, administration for the Plan will be handled by SEI. This does not impact your benefit in any way. It only impacts the administration of Plan. You will now contact SEI directly for information about the Plan and your pension benefit.

We are pleased to highlight the following changes to the Plan's administration, effective September 1, 2015:

Toll-Free Number and E-mail Address. For answers to all your pension plan questions, call the SEI Participant Service Center at 1-844-262-MEDA (6332). Representatives are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Or, e-mail your questions to

Benefit Estimates. Beginning September 1, you can call the SEI Participant Service Center to request an estimate of your pension benefit. Initially, estimate requests will take approximately four weeks to be processed, as priority will be given to those participants about to retire. This processing time will be reduced as the transition progresses.

Retirement Information. Also beginning September 1, you can call the SEI Participant Service Center for information on initiating your retirement or to commence payment.

Pension Website to model estimates on the Web. Beginning on September 15, 2015, vested participants can model pension benefit estimates on the web using the online benefit modeling tool at You can input different assumptions to help you plan for your retirement. Please reference the instructions that were mailed to you to create an initial log-in and password. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the SEI Participant Service Center at 1-844-262-MEDA (6332).

Pension Website - Beginning on September 15, 2015, for current retirees receiving payments you may also access information about your pension payment online by visiting You may use this website to make changes to your address, direct deposit instructions, or tax withholding elections.

Contact Information
The address, toll-free phone number, and e-mail address for the SEI Participant Service Center are as follows:

SEI Participant Service Center
1845 Walnut Street, Suite 1400
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Toll-Free Phone: 1-844-262-MEDA (6332)

If you have any questions, please call the SEI Participant Service Center at 1-844-262-MEDA (6332). Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, except for major holidays.

*The Meda Pension Equity Plan was formerly known as the Carter-Wallace Pension Plan and the MedPointe Pension Equity Plan.

Meda Pension Equity Plan Summary Plan Description:
The Summary Plan Description ("SPD") describes the key features of the Plan. The official Plan document will always govern in the event of any questions or disputes concerning the provisions of the Plan.

To access the SPD please click on the following link:

The Summary Plan Description ("SPD").